Meditation and Mindfulness Classes

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

When Buddha first began to teach, meditation and mindfulness were taught separately. Buddha noted that both were useful tools, but as they were being used they did not assist in changing consciousness. Without changing consciousness in a sustainable way, the benefits of both mindfulness and meditation would quickly disappear. 

Buddha also saw that without utilizing meditation and mindfulness whilst doing daily activities, there was no immediate workable solution for stress or stress triggers. 

The Solution:

First Buddha blended calmness meditation with mindfulness in sitting practice. This prepared a person for sustaining calmness in daily activities. 

Second, the Buddha had his disciples who had developed some success with sitting, move to standing, then walking. He progressed them onto more and more complex, attention-demanding activities while holding onto calmness. This taught them how to take that calmness into their daily activities in life. 

Meditation was then used as a refuge from emotional reactiveness and as an oasis to rest in serenity throughout the day. Calmness becomes a means to offset stress right as it is being triggered. Mindfulness, clarity and normal functioning are also cultivated through this practice to allow for a full day of activities. 

Jhana and the Siddhis:

In the Buddhist siddhi yogic tradition, meditation is also used as a means to cultivate “jhana”. There are 9 jhana levels in total, and each one is characterized by a unique state of consciousness. Siddhis, or uncommon supranormal abilities, are often an effect of a mind concentrated in jhana.

Unique and useful benefits:

Overcomes and prevents stress

Staying calm regardless of the circumstances

Staying clear and functional in daily life

Improving concentration skills for developing healing abilities

Can be used to stop emotional reactiveness on the spot

A doorway to higher states of consciousness

meditation and mindfulness
meditation and mindfulness

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Vancouver: Tues 7:30-9:00pm  

Victoria: Thurs 7:30-9:00pm

Brentwood Bay: Mon 7:00-8:30




Private classes available.  


Basic taught in Buddhist psychology.


Medical Chi Kung training.  

Siddhi Yoga healing training.


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There is only one mind, and all other appearances are the cause of separateness.

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Guys, energetics matter. What we see in TCM and other ancient healing traditions is the constant return to energetic patterns. We need to know is it cold, hot, damp, dry, stuck, too much, too little, in the wrong place, superficial, deep. Why? Because knowing the Western diagnosis or condition is not enough for effective treatment. That condition manifests itself uniquely in different individuals depending on their natural constitutions, predispositions, lifestyles, co-existing problems, etc… Remember, these are things that are not usually addressed and included in treatment plans in Western allopathic medicine, and in the one size fits all paradigm of treatment.

Some people who get a cold, flu, and even COVID-19 will have Cold-Damp presentations, others Hot-Damp, Hot-Dry and the list goes on. Therefore it stands that treating them with the same herbs is not logical, and is not going to be effective for everyone (although for a period of time in a crisis pandemic situation like what happened in China, it may be all that can be done). We need to know how to formulate in a balanced way that guides the energetics in the direction we desire to get maximum results.

Don’t get me wrong - there are fantastic contributions and stores of knowledge in medical herbalism. For example, it is very useful to know that a herb holds certain efficacy in treating certain strains of bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc…. BUT, what if testing isn’t available? What if one must wait for test results? Does this mean that we delay treatment? NO! We do what the Chinese have been doing for centuries. We treat the energetic patterns that we see, which has been a very effective way of practicing traditional medicines for thousands of years. We don’t wait to differentiate between the common cold and COVID-19 if symptoms present - we treat. We already have the knowledge to do that, and many Western herbalists are adapting traditional structures like TCM into their ways of working and formulas. Basic energetics are at the core of these traditions, however complex their theories get.
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