Kum Nye and Medical Chi Kung Massage

Buddhist Healing Massage

Kum Nye and Medical Chi Kung (or medical chi gong) massage are Himalayan yogic forms of healing which involve cooperative movement, the application of differing kinds of physical pressure over a small area (“marma,” or body reflex massage), physical tapping or light vibration, acupressure, mild stretching of muscle and/or bone, massage of nerve, lymphatic, circulatory or pranic pathways, and the use of prana (life energy, or chi). The massage may be very focused to one area of the body, or an entire body revivfication. Sometimes herbal therapy is delivered transdermally via oil with the massage if required. All methods are directed toward stimulating healing and rejuvenation. 

There is also a form of self massage taught at Buddha’s Alchemy. The more sophisticated methods of self massage entail the use of hatha and prana yoga for self healing.

Buddhist massage utilizes all of the above methods with the integration of concentration and focussing of mind-heart energy. 

Some examples of conditions treated:
  • returns circulation to normal function
  • speeds healing
  • relieves pressure through changed circulation
  • calms pain receptors in nerves
  • speeds recovery
  • equalizes circulatory balance
  • assists with elimination of local toxins
  • calms and sedates nerves
  • reduces inflammation
  • removes inflammation
  • removes bone calcification deposits
  • relieves pressure or impingment
  • equalizes circulation to improve oxygen uptake
  • calms and sedates nerves
kum nye and medical chi kung massage
kum nye and medical chi kung massage
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Life energy flows through the physical streams of channels, and with gentle encouragement, both energy and channels are brought into balance.
Buddhist siddhi healing mantra

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