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Himalayan Gentle Bone Adjustment

Gentle Bone Adjustment and Skeletal Realignment

Himalayan gentle bone adjustment is a soft massage based bone adjustment. This is an ancient form of Himalayan yogic healing therapy that adjusts bones without any snapping, forcefulness or jarring movements. Administered with chi and specialized forms of mind development for healing, it is classed as an advanced part of the massage therapeutics.

Himalayan bone adjustment can be effective for any skeletal misalignment, including head, spine, and limbs. In all cases of bone adjustment, the effects are realigned bones, reduced inflammation, reduced pressure and friction between bones, elimination of pain, and return to normal functionality and structure.

Postural exercises or other alignment techniques are taught to the client to maintain results post treatment.

This is one of the most popular treatment modalities that Buddha’s Alchemy offers as many conditions (especially related to structural pain) have a bone misalignment factor (although usually unknown).

Some examples of conditions treated:
JOINT PAIN (elbows, wrist, knees, ankles, fingers, toes)
wrist adjustment
spine bone adjustment
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With chi, bones realign gently like water flowing along in a stream.
Buddhist siddhi healing mantra

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