Buddhist Siddhi Yoga Energy Healing Training

Siddhi Yogas and Energy Healing Training

Buddhist siddhi yoga and energy healing training teaches a healing system for self and others, combining the uses of energy healing and mind yogas. Some parts of it resemble movement exercises like tai chi or chi kung, or very easy, gentle forms of hatha yoga. It also has similarities to Tibetan forms of Kum Nye massage and yantra (a Tibetan form of physical and energy yoga). Sometimes it is likened to Reiki although it is vastly more developed. This is because it is a system that Unsui only learned a very small portion of. In Buddhist siddhi yoga and energy healing training, there are distinct ways of using 19 different prana or chi qualities. 

The root of the Sanskrit word “siddhi” is “sid,” meaning “real truth,” or what is “truly true.” Siddhi means “accomplishment,” “attainment,” “perfection,” “success.” These meanings are applied to both common worldly endeavors, and also to uncommon or supernatural attainments. 

Buddhist siddhi yoga healing utilizes some common physical methods and techniques, such as Indian and Tibetan acupoints, reflexive triggers, some aspects of massage (of self and others) and stimulation or sedation of the three gates (nerves, circulatory and chi pathways). This approach also develops and uses uncommon methods including meditation for healing, prana (life energy or chi), mind strength energies and powers of concentration. At the higher levels of skillfulness, through strengthening the mind, the practitioner is able to ultimately use heart strength to connect with life force energy. Life force energy is the strongest healing power one can utilize, and largely accounts for siddhi development.

Unique and useful benefits of training with us:
Incredibly rare understandings and techniques never before discussed or seen in the West
Unique methods of application which can augment anyone’s healing practice experienced with chi or not
Rare transmissions of means and method, for both prana and mind energetics 
Development of different mind focussing awarenesses and strengths for healing
Proper use of visualization
Working with deeper forms of meditation for healing
Introduction to sound yoga and its role in healing
The “3 vajra” (as pristine powers) of mind, speech and form
Develop the rare understanding of how to communicate with life force energy – the true healer
energy healing training / siddha
energy healing training



Vancouver: Tues 7:30-9:00pm  

Victoria: Thurs 7:30-9:00pm

Brentwood Bay: Mon 7:00-8:30




Private classes available.  


Basic taught in Buddhist psychology.


Medical Chi Kung training.  

Siddhi Yoga healing training.


Train with us!

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Would you like to elevate your healing skills to a new level and offer rare, unique and effective healing to clients? Train with us in Buddhist siddhi yoga healing, or Medical Chi Kung healing.
In healing, the living life energy is the basis of all that exists and is the source of all that is worked with.
Buddhist siddhi healing mantra

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