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Parayana Buddhist Psychology Courses

The principal focus of Parayana Buddhist psychology courses is the Buddha’s teachings about understanding happiness. Buddhist siddhi yoga based psychology explains how happiness works and how it doesn’t. Buddhist psychology reveals how people inadvertently sabotage their own success and well-being in life. The teachings cover what It takes to really experience true fulfillment. To be able to instantly summon inner peace and put a halt self-damaging emotional reactions are key.

Amongst the topics covered and explained are:


  • Different kinds happiness and different methods to realize them
  • How to work with various thinking styles and patterns which are often at the center of conflicts, contention, and resistance
  • Different emotional bases which are used in people’s decision making, including understanding one’s own blind spots 
  • Basic practice of calmness meditation along with ways for taking meditation into day to day life, which can be developed to overcome stress on the spot in various scenarios 
  • A set of adjunctive practices which allows for an individual to perform functional activities at the same time as meditating 
Unique and useful benefits:
Understanding how to better work with circumstances to attain optimal results
Staying calm regardless of the circumstances 
Self motivational skills and abilities
Increased learning capacities 
Applicable skills development in your areas of interest
Working with deeper forms of meditation for self-healing
Deeper understandings of how to communicate with others
Skills and capacities to set and reach chosen goals
Understand how power and influence work and how to work with these two forces 
buddhist psychology courses - walking towards fear
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Vancouver: Tues 7:30-9:00pm  

Victoria: Thurs 7:30-9:00pm

Brentwood Bay: Mon 7:00-8:30




Private classes available.  


Basic taught in Buddhist psychology.


Medical Chi Kung training.  

Siddhi Yoga healing training.


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You cannot serve two Masters – the choice is either embellishing ego or living from Truth.
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Santa came early to Buddha's Alchemy. Processing some wonderful medicinal fungi today. The Bear's Head Tooth and Turkey Tail are already dry, and the Ganoderma is beautiful when sliced!

Hericium species are a family of fungi that includes the infamous Lion’s Mane and Bear’s Head Tooth. There are several types that are considered interchangeable both medicinally and culinary wise, and sometimes difficult to differentiate. H. coralloides, H. americanum and H. erinaceus (Lions Mane proper) belong to this family. The most important medicinal applications make use of their anti-tumor/cancer properties (stimulate the immune system to control tumor growth and have tumor suppression factors), and their nerve generating properties (they induce the synthesis of nerve growth factor causing new nerve growth and myelination). In China, they are used to cure gastric ulcers and chronic gastritis.

Trametes versicolor is Turkey Tail, and one of my favorite local harvests. A truly magnificent medicinal fungus that is widely and well studied, and contains PSP and PSK (anti-tumor polysaccharides), improves outcomes in autoimmunity, and prevents antibiotic resistance.

Ganoderma oregonense is part of the famous family to which Reishi mushroom belongs, and grows in the Pacific Northwest. The Ganodermas contain constituents that are anti-tumor, immunomodulating, antiviral and antibiotic, hepatoprotective, and anti-inflammatory. Indeed, Reishi mushroom is considered the premiere longevity tonic amongst Daoist and Buddhist yogis in the East. Ling Zhi, the Chinese name for Reishi, means “spirit plant”, divine or spiritual mushroom, mushroom of immortality, or tree of life mushroom. It is also thought that it may have derived its name from the word Rishi, meaning forest sage, of which the Buddha was considered the ultimate.
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