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What is Buddhist siddhi healing?
Buddha’s Alchemy uses ancient and rarely taught healing methods that date back to before Buddha’s time. Buddhist siddhi yoga and siddhi healing incorporate both physical healing and spiritual medicine, and forms a path of service in Parayana Buddhism. In the Himalayan regions of what is now India, China, Tibet and surrounding areas, rishis, sages, monks, and others who practiced these healing arts traveled back and forth freely sharing teachings and information. The Parayana Buddhist teachings originated in this region, and integrate knowledge and skills from Ayurveda, Chinese and Tibetan medicine accordingly. Jivaka who was Buddha Shakyamuni’s personal physician, is a patriarch of our system, and was particularly skilled in energy medicine.

A siddhi is what would be described in modern day terms as a supernatural ability, or uncommon “power”. Siddhis are often effects that come about naturally as a practitioner develops more intense mind strength and concentration. In his day, Buddha’s disciples commonly acquired these abilities as side effects of the concentration practices that he taught. A practitioner of siddhis, or a person who has naturally acquired these abilites, is called a siddha. Siddhis can manifest in many ways. In Parayana Buddhism, siddhis are developed as a means to heal more skilfully and connect with the ultimate healer – Life Force.

Buddhist Siddhi Yoga and Siddhi Healing
Buddhist Siddhi Yoga and Siddhi Healing
Energy Healing
Buddhist siddhi energy healing
Chi, Shen, and Life Force
Buddhist siddhi healing views the base of all manifestation as energy. We work to heal imbalances at their energetic source, using chi, shen, and most importantly, skillful direction of life force energy.
Himalayan Gentle Bone Adjustment
Buddhist himalayan bone adjustment
Gentle Bone Adjustment and Skeletal Realignment
An ancient technique that does not use any forceful snapping or motions, and is very effective.
Herbal Therapy
Buddhist siddhi herbal therapy
Medicinal Herbal Remedies
Botanical formulations prepared in the traditional Buddhist siddhi way – with chi vivification.
Tibetan Cranial Therapy
Buddhist healing Tibetan cranial therapy
What is Tibetan Cranial Therapy?
An energetic form of cranial therapy used for energy revivification and strengthening at a cellular level.
Kum Nye and Chi Kung Massage
Buddhist healing Kum Nye and Chi Kung Medical Massage
Buddhist Massage
Energetic massage that utilizes internal reflex mechanisms, and assists flow of chi or prana.
Acupressure Treatment and Marma Therapy
Buddhist healing acupressure and marma therapy
Chi Gate and Blood Gate
Therapies used to activate chi gate (the nervous system) and blood gate (the circulation).

Buddha's Alchemy Healing

At Buddha’s Alchemy we help you heal naturally.

Himalayan Bone Adjustment

Readjustment of any skeletal misalignment relieves pain.

Tibetan Cranial Therapy

Cellular regeneration and revivification of chi.

Custom Herbal Therapy

Customized with chi for specific constitutions.

Buddha's Alchemy Herbal Therapy

Herbal Therapy

Customized herbal formulations for specific ailments and constitutions. Vivified with chi.
Buddha's Alchemy Tibetan Cranial Therapy

Tibetan Cranial Therapy

Cellular regeneration and revivification of chi.
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At the heart of all healing is the shaping of mind.
Buddhist siddhi healing mantra

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Guys, energetics matter. What we see in TCM and other ancient healing traditions is the constant return to energetic patterns. We need to know is it cold, hot, damp, dry, stuck, too much, too little, in the wrong place, superficial, deep. Why? Because knowing the Western diagnosis or condition is not enough for effective treatment. That condition manifests itself uniquely in different individuals depending on their natural constitutions, predispositions, lifestyles, co-existing problems, etc… Remember, these are things that are not usually addressed and included in treatment plans in Western allopathic medicine, and in the one size fits all paradigm of treatment.

Some people who get a cold, flu, and even COVID-19 will have Cold-Damp presentations, others Hot-Damp, Hot-Dry and the list goes on. Therefore it stands that treating them with the same herbs is not logical, and is not going to be effective for everyone (although for a period of time in a crisis pandemic situation like what happened in China, it may be all that can be done). We need to know how to formulate in a balanced way that guides the energetics in the direction we desire to get maximum results.

Don’t get me wrong - there are fantastic contributions and stores of knowledge in medical herbalism. For example, it is very useful to know that a herb holds certain efficacy in treating certain strains of bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc…. BUT, what if testing isn’t available? What if one must wait for test results? Does this mean that we delay treatment? NO! We do what the Chinese have been doing for centuries. We treat the energetic patterns that we see, which has been a very effective way of practicing traditional medicines for thousands of years. We don’t wait to differentiate between the common cold and COVID-19 if symptoms present - we treat. We already have the knowledge to do that, and many Western herbalists are adapting traditional structures like TCM into their ways of working and formulas. Basic energetics are at the core of these traditions, however complex their theories get.
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