8 Great Herb Blogs for Beginners

Shi Yao Lian, Practitioner Buddha’s Alchemy
August 2, 2017

When it comes to information about becoming and staying healthy, there is no shortage of advice out there on the internet. Sifting through the multitudes of opinions can be overwhelming, exhausting, and confusing to say the least. To add to the complications, there are resources and references that differ in their depth and breadth of educational content, which can either be more suitable to those working professionally in a designated healing field, or to those who are not but are looking for information about options for living more healthfully.  I decided to write this post about herb blogs that make good starting points for people in their beginning stages of exploring. 

Sometimes it is difficult for a clinician who has trained in a particular field to write about and convey information to an audience without the same background or understanding of the subject matter. This does not make their experience and opinion any less valuable for sharing. In fact, quite the opposite. It is from these knowledgeable practitioners that we should hope to learn. 

There are many wonderful informative herb blogs out there, but I’ve narrowed the focus here to those that have some consumable content for readers with no previous experience or exposure to herbalism, and are either looking to incorporate some basic herbal practice into their daily lives, or want a starting point to look more seriously at enhancing their learning of the craft. Of course, experienced herbalists and practitioners can and do enjoy these blogs as well. The blogs cover a range of topics including learning herbal medicine, practicing family/community herbal healing, plant monographs, common everyday kitchen remedies, herbal first aid, using herbs as food, recipes, and more.

So here we go (in no particular order):

1. Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine 

I love love love Juliet Blankespoor’s sweet and wacky sense of humor, and in fact, it is what captured my attention on this blog in the first place. This is a blog with personality. It is full of great articles about specific herbs, recipes, gardening and growing, and of course her online herbalist courses. Juliet’s blog and courses are complimented by beautiful photos and videos which make them thoroughly enjoyable. I understand that this is another passion and skill she has developed, which makes this blog all the more dear to my heart, as I share her appreciation for these visual arts.

2. Learning Herbs

Learning herbs is a well rounded educational platform that focuses on introducing the uninitiated to the world of herbs. With well organized, plain language and easy to understand content about basic herbal medicine, it is the perfect place for a beginner. Family friendly, learning herbs includes games and learning activities for the kids too. They also offer a paid membership program called Herb Mentor for aspiring and accomplished herbalists alike focusing on ongoing education. Herb Mentor offers all kinds of resources, from a botanic encyclopedia to videos, podcasts, and educational series’ presented by various teachers. Rosalee de la Foret is the educational director. Her own blog is listed later in this post. Worth checking out if you are interested in knowing more about how to apply herbal remedies in your own life, or are perhaps curious about pursuing more education in herbalism.

There are many wonderful informative herb blogs out there, but I’ve narrowed the focus here to those that have some consumable content for readers with no previous experience or exposure to herbalism, and are either looking to incorporate some basic herbal practice into their daily lives, or want a starting point to look more seriously at enhancing their learning of the craft.

3. Mountain Rose Herbs

Yes, they are a commercial retailer and wholesaler of bulk herbs and their own line of products, but also run an engaging blog. Mountain Rose Herbs blog topics are less technical, so oriented towards the consumer who is generally interested in healthful living. The topics are varied and include great herbal recipes (for food dishes, home remedies, and personal care products), environmental advocacy, product information and usage, sustainable farming and business practices, and more. In my experience, their herbs and medicine making products are top notch and convenient to order if you live in the US.

4. Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary

This article wouldn’t be complete without Canadian representation in the field. I am Canadian after all. Harmonic Arts is located on my own home sweet home of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Founded and run by herbalist Yarrow Willard, son of well-known herbalist and teacher Terry Willard of Wild Rose College, Harmonic Arts not only offers high-quality bulk herbs and formulated products, but great educational articles, videos, presentations, and teachings. Yarrow, Angela, and Terry Willard were in fact presenters at our local Vancouver Island Herb Gathering in Comox BC this year. Harmonic Arts blog covers topics ranging from herb and product info to wild crafting and basic medicine making.

5. Herbs with Rosalee

Rosalee de la Foret offers patient treatment, mentoring and online training for herbalists, and education for the public at large. Learning from her own challenges with life threatening illness, her personal story is inspiration enough for anyone looking to improve their own situation. Rosalee’s educational background spans the genres of botany and Eastern and Western herbalism. I have attended some of her webinars, and her teaching style is practical and easy to follow. She recently released a book called Alchemy of Herbs which details the incorporation of herbs into daily life. Her blog content ranges from specific herb information to recipes and healthful living. Bonus: Rosalee has compiled her own extensive list of herb blogs on her website – there are references for all levels of enthusiasts, students and professionals.

6. Herbal Roots Zine

Want to introduce your children to the world of herbs? Look no further. Herbalist Kristine Brown focuses on creative and fun ways to educate your kids. The site has paid subscription for a regular newsletter, but also free articles, games and other resources.

7. KP Khalsa

If you are interested in all things Ayurveda, KP Khalsa offers this and more, from information about the Chinese medicine approach to taking supplements. A well-established practitioner in Oregon, KP Khalsa teaches Ayurveda, herbalism, and a host of health related topics both through local college programs and online through his own school. He also offers patient consultations and student mentoring. His personal blog is full of practical information easy to digest and apply in daily life.

8. Green Med Info

Although this site does not focus exclusively on herbs, and it does have many research articles which are quite advanced in content, it is an indispensable resource for anyone looking for scientific validation of various “alternative” treatment modalities. I have never come across another resource like it. All of the research that you have been told doesn’t exist for something will be found here. Sayer Ji founded and operates this site. It is his mission to curate and disseminate such vital information frequently not reported elsewhere to the mainstream. There are tiered paid memberships, but also a lot of free content.

I hope you find inspiration from some of these resources to carry on with whatever interests you have in this ever evolving field of healing!


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