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Buddhist Siddhi Yoga Healing Training and Medical Chi Kung Training For Practitioners

buddhist siddhi yoga healing training

Are you a healing practitioner (or an inspired aspirant) who would like to take your practice to a higher level of skillfulness and effectiveness? Have you wondered how healing with energy really works?
We have worked with practitioners from many healing genres. Learn rare Parayana Buddhist siddhi yoga healing techniques from a Master Teacher and Buddhist Yogin with over 40 years of training and experience.
Buddhist siddhi yoga healing is not taught and rarely practiced anywhere else in North America. They have been reclusively practiced for thousands of years in Asia since before Buddha’s time. Buddha’s personal physician Jivaka is a patriarch of our healing system.
meditation training
Meditation Training

Learn to meditate like a Buddhist Yogin. Our meditation is not just a cushion exercise. It is taught in the same tradition that Buddha taught his disciples. We blend meditation and mindfulness together using a gradual process that takes the practice into daily life for superior and lasting results. Essential as a base for Buddhist siddhi healing training.


buddhist psychology training
Buddhist Psychology Classes

Learn how to change your views, thinking, and behavior patterns to ease stress, create happiness, and use choice more directly in life. Be an influencer of karma and change – not a byproduct. Buddhist psychology forms an important basis for spiritual medicine and growth.


For Clients

Buddhist Siddhi Healing Services

buddhist siddhi healing clinic
Heal naturally and learn the Buddhist secrets to self-care of body, mind and heart.
We dive deep to treat the underlying nature and energy of health imbalances. When you are feeling better, we teach you how to stay that way. We are here to help restore your peace of mind, body, and heart.
Our practitioners work with mind strength skills, life force energy and chi/prana, acupressure and marma therapy, botanical medicine, soft bone adjustment, Tibetan cranial work and Kum Nye massage.
What People Say
“Don has the rare gift of deep perception matched with profound knowledge and understanding of the human body. He is able to realign bones and provide real relief and renewed health to many of us who simply could not find it anywhere else. Not I nor any of the many friends I have referred to Don over the years have ever come away from a visit not feeling better. He is a healer. He understands chi. I trust him with my body.”
Peter Kelly
“Don is a gracious and humble man and a generous, articulate and loving teacher. I’ve thoroughly tested the medical basis of his healing teachings, and have found them to be consistently sound, often guided with his much deeper insights. His teaching style is subtle, yet poignant, and he speaks easily to the heart of the matter. His guidance has made a tremendous and lasting difference in my life. I’d like to say it was easy, but it’s hard to put into words the immensity of difference Don has made in my life! Please know that this testimonial barely scratches the surface!”

@Victoria Healing Centre

There are few people who’ve had such a positive influence on my life. I knew Don was my teacher upon meeting. He has answered all my big questions – either by showing me a solution or encouraging me to find my own way. The tried and tested Dhamma teachings he shares envoke clarity, inspiration, refuge and a boost towards Loving Kindness and Strength. He is extremely loveable – like a human version of Yoda 🙂 and I so cherish our spiritual friendship.
Fiona Percy

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My favorite time of year again - wild rose harvest. Rose is considered an astringent herb.

Rosa spp. (hips/fruit/flower) – Rose

TCM: Jing Ying Zi (hips); Ayurveda: Gulab, Shatapatri

Rose hips are neutral to cool, drying, astringent, and sour in TCM, and bitter, astringent, pungent, and sweet in Ayurveda. In TCM, they affect the Kidneys, Bladder and Large Intestine. In Ayurveda, rose petals and hips are used, and they are considered balancing to the 3 doshas, but are especially effective at reducing Pitta. They affect the plasma, marrow, blood, nerve and reproductive dhatus.

Properties of Rosa spp. flowers are anti-bacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antidiuretic, anti-viral, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, blood tonic, carminative, expectorant, kidney tonic, and sedative.

Properties of Rosa spp. hips/fruit are stomachic, antidiarrheal, cholesterol lowering, antidiuretic, stabilizing and binding, astringent, blood tonic, diuretic (in Ayurveda), laxative, nutritive, carminative.

Traditional and modern indications for Rose include:

-kidney and bladder infections
-dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menorrhagia
-gout and rheumatism
-anxiety, depression
-various inflammations

In Ayurveda, Rose is also commonly added to formulations for treating skin problems (for its anti-Pitta properties), and for beautifying skin. In Western cosmetics, it is frequently employed as an anti-aging and nourishing component of the same. In Middle Eastern traditions and in India, Rose carries a spiritual connotation as a symbol of deep love, and is especially referenced in the Sufi and Bahai teachings. Its scent can be carried around the neck of the wearer to help induce deep states of meditation and devotion.

Examples of TCM patterns where Rose can be employed include: Spleen Qi Deficiency, Heart Qi Deficiency, Blood Deficiency, Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiencies, and Essence Deficiency. A well-known TCM formula that includes Rose and treats spermatorrhea is Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan.

Read the entire article about herbal astringents here: https://buddhasalchemy.com/herbal-astringents-around-the-world-what-they-are-and-how-to-use-them/
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